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Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

It was first patented by Cyrill Demian in 1829. This accordion only had a keyboard operated by the left hand and the right hand only handles the bellows. The piano accordion which is widely used in Europe is said to be invented in 1822. Its popularity spread to Great Britain in 1831 and was renowned in The Times. The construction of the reed greatly affects the pitch of the oboe through the differences in its material, variations in length and scrape, and age of reed. Other than the reed, humidity and temperature will also have effects on the pitch. The embouchure could be adjusted to cover for these aspects. Origin The sitars came from the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent during the late Mogul era. For hundreds of years, its predecessors, the Persian lutes, were used in the Mogul courts. It is stated by the Sangeet Sudarshana that the sitar was invented by Amir Khusru in the 1700 s. The Persian setar was his basis for naming this instrument. It was pitches in D or C but could have been lowered to be using a curved crook. History The bugle first made its appearance in the medieval period. It was primarily constructed from a horn of a young bull and was played for military functions or for hunting. It is also considered as a predecessor of the contemporary flugelhorn. The making of didgeridoos Once the area confirmed to be abundant of certain eucalyptus trees, the Aborigine would tap the tree trunks or limbs to determine if hollow. Back then, special axes made of stone were used but in modern times people use chainsaws. The next step is to clean out the termite residual. The sopranino or piccolo mandolin is pitched an fourth of an octave higher than the mandolin. Mandolin styles There are six mandolin styles the Neapolitan bowlback, a-style flatback, f-style flatback, Maccaferi style flatback, solid body electric, and electro-acoustic mandolins. Basics of playing The very first step of playing the mandolin is to learn how to tune it because you cannot produce the right melody without proper tuning. 

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