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Top 7 Most Bizarre Musical Instruments of the World

Thus, the name clarinet or little trumpet. In jazz, it is also called liquorice stick. A person who plays it is a clarinetist. The Clarinet is usually wooden and vertically played. It has a wider bore which has a single reed and this, when activated, vibrates against a removable mouthpiece. Traditionally, the wood used is granadilla wood from South America, Africa, or Asia. Its strings are stretched laterally from the tuning pins up to the hitch pins where there are dampers in the form of felt strips across the strings. In the past, it was simply used for practices and not for larger presentations because it did not produce sound that was loud enough. It produces sound by using tangents, small metal blades, to strike the strings. It is frequently open-ended which gives the player no easy way to end the pipe s sound. This gives bagpipes no rests or the legato sound. Bagpipes mostly consist of one or more drones. It is a cylinder-shaped tube with usually a single reed. It has at least two parts and has a sliding joint or bridle which manipulates the pitch. Both the trumpet and the trombone have generally cylindrical bores. History The creation of the trombone dates back more than six hundred years. Its original design was somewhat imitated from sackbut, an Old English instrument. The term sackbut originated from the French saquer which means pull and bouter meaning push. One more is the fipple flute which has a duct that maneuvers the air onto the edge. Fipple flutes are easier to play and has a distinct timbre compared to other flutes. Here are the categories of flutes based on origin: 1. Western concert flutes The western concert flute is a descendant of the German flute. Of course, always tune before playing and practice a lot of times. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Don t forget to clean every after playing. Put a swab through your piccolo and tuning rod to remove spit and use a cloth to polish it. Controlling the high pitches Among all the woodwind instruments used in military bands and orchestras, the piccolo has the highest pitch causing it to stand out. 

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