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Peppa Pig Musical Instruments Babysitting Series 1 Episode 21 22

The lid is the panel that protects the interior from dust while the lid stick is the wooden stick that holds the lid open when the instrument is being played. The music desk provides support for the score. The casing is the overall wooden body that covers the instrument and the keyboard consists of the keys which plucks the strings when pressed. The distinct characteristic of Chinese flutes is the membrane on one of the holes that vibrates with the air inside. This causes the flute to have an intense and bright sound. 3. Indian bamboo flute This instrument is significant in Indian classical music. Compared to western flutes, the Indian bamboo flute is simpler because they do not have any keys and are made of bamboo. To understand this better, picture out the violin which is sometimes regarded as a fingerboard lyre compared to the piano which is a keyed zither. On the other hand, organologists all around the world has come to an agreement that harps are completely different from the lyre and zither. Zithers and lyres have strings that are fastened to at least a point on the tailpiece or wrest pins near the soundboard and lie parallel to it. Blowpipes today usually have a non-return valve so that the player does not need to cover the edge of the blowpipe with his or her tongue when inhaling. The bag is a reservoir which holds air and regulates airflow while pumping or breathing take place. This helps the player to uphold constant sound for a moment. While the sax is being played, the reed is caught in between the mouthpiece and the saxophone player s lip. The ligature, a rubber-like fabric or band of metal, clamps the reed in place which keeps it from going into the mouthpiece. The neck is the tube that holds the mouthpiece through a layer of cork. The oboe player called oboist controls the air pressure and embouchure to meticulously present the proper dynamics and timbre. The range of the modern oboe is from the B-flat under middle C up to the A which is around 3 octaves higher. Voice of the oboe Compared to other contemporary woodwind musical instrument, this instrument has a lucid and piercing voice. 

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