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Peppa Pig- musical instruments

Snare Drum The snare drum is a member of the percussion family which means that it is played by being struck. It has strands of snares that are curled metal wires, plastic cables, gut chords, or metal cables extended across the bottom of the drum. It is cylindrical with skin stretched out at its top. The tremolo harmonica is prevalent in traditional music because it could do the tremolo effect. This is so because it has two perpendicular holes with two reeds. One reed is sharper and one is a bit flat which creates the tremolo effect when vibrating together. Harmonica care Do not eat or drink while playing your harmonica and clean your mouth thoroughly before playing. There are bagpipes widely spread throughout Middle East and Europe. Even though there was a drastic decline of the other kinds, there was a revival in more recent times. For example, the Irish piping declined in the mid 1900 s but came back and is still alive today. Other types are the Balkan Gaida, Pastoral pipes, Galician gaita, Breton Biniou, the Aragonese Gaita de boto, Scottish smallpipes, and many more. The player produces sound by vibrating his lips against a large cup-shaped mouthpiece. The term tuba is Latin for horn or trumpet. It is largely comparable to the baroque trumpet. History The very first tuba was invented by Richard Wagner, a German composer. Aside from composing music and creating the tuba, Wagner also increased the significance of woodwinds in the orchestra. This is the most recognized types of accordion all around the world. Concertinas have an unusual shape with sides that range from four to twelve in number. The chromatic accordion can play a chromatic scale with 46 notes and is most popular in Russia where it is called Bayan. Piano accordions range from twelve bass to one hundred sixty bass which are respectively 20 key up and 45 key. This makes it suitable for chant and song accompaniment. It is also said that it is the sound of Australia, the voice of the earth, and probably the world s most ancient musical instrument. The term didgeridoo is thought to be a word formed from Western invention. It is also considered to be from the Irish d daire or d idire which means trumpeter, long-necked person, or constant smoker and from dubh or duth meaning black or native respectively. 

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