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Musical Instruments Sounds | Kids Learning Videos

Because of this, many developers and instrument makers added alternate fingerings and more keys to make playing less difficult. One of the most significant advancements in its key work was that both tone holes can be controlled by the left thumb using one octave key. This is now common to all modern sax. Sitar The sitar is a stringed instrument that is played by plucking. It is dominant in Hindustani classical music and has been around starting from the Middle Ages. It uses sympathetic strings which is common in Indian musical instruments. It also has a gourd resonating cavity and an extensive hollow neck. Snare drums with a smaller diameter have higher pitch and those that are longer have more shell resonance and power. This instrument regularly has a diameter of 14 inches. Playing the snare drum The snare drum is played by striking using a drumstick or another kind of beater. The drummer may choose to strike the head, the rim, or the shell. Aside from those, the trombone is also played in smaller musical ensembles such as brass quartets or trios and trombone quartets or choirs. These instruments are also commonly used for different music genres such as salsa, rock, swing, and jazz. The trombone in the 20th century In the fist half of the 20th century, the trombone remained popular and widely used in the orchestra through works of various prominent artists like Leonard Bernstein, William Walton, and Richard Strauss. When castanets are played with a couple, they symbolize male and female and every set has a particular male or female given name. The female castanet is called hembra and is smaller than the male counterpart named macho. The macho is held in the left hand while the hembra is held in the right. The pair s difference in size also gives a difference in pitch. To avoid sweat marks on your guitar, you could wear a sweat band when playing. Place it below the elbow or wherever area in your arm that rests on the guitar s side. Use a brush to buff and remove light scratches on the pickguard. If the scratch is deeper, use water sand and sand paper and micro mesh sand papers and buff the pickguard after. 

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