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Musical instruments sounds for kids

Acoustic guitar qualities The acoustic guitar has eight basic qualities volume, balance, dynamic range, cutting power, tone, presence, sustain, and separation. Some guitars have a higher volume compared to others but it does not mean that these guitars produce better sound output. There are many other qualities to consider. Compared to western flutes, the Indian bamboo flute is simpler because they do not have any keys and are made of bamboo. There are two basic kinds of Indian flutes: the Bansuri and the Venu. The Bansuri is an eight-holed flute and has one embouchure hole near the top while the Venu has eight finger holes and requires the cross-fingering technique. Five-string banjo An American minstrel player from Virginia named Joel Walker Sweeney made the five-string banjo popular in the 1830 s. He was the first American who played the banjo in front of an audience. The five-string banjo s fifth and first strings have the same gauge but the fifth is five frets shorter. Bassoon history The 16th century ancestor of the bassoon was given many names: fagot for the French, dulcian for the Germans, bajon for the Spanish, curtal for the English, and fagotto for the Italians. This was not made of four separate sections like in the modern bassoon but was made of only one piece of wood. As stated, the very first proven use of the bugle as a signaling device in the military was as the halbmondblaser in Hanover. Its shape was that of the letter U. Due to its shape, it was easily brought using a shoulder strap fastened to the bell and the mouthpiece. In 1764, it spread to England and was increasingly acknowledged. Possible origin There is no known definite origin of the castanets. The method of clicking sticks together using one hand to be music for dancing is certainly ancient and has been done by the Egyptians and the Greeks. However, there are theories on its development. One is that castanets are the descendants of the Iberian crusmata which were two shells, wooden sticks, or flat stones. 

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