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Musical instruments Flashcards for kids | Learn names sounds musical instruments

Its name is a retronym of the electric guitar to differentiate them from each other. Its strings could be made of steel or nylon while its top plate could be made of cedar or spruce. At the top is a circular hole with a diameter of 3.25 inches to 3.5 inches which strengthens and reinforces the produced sound. It has the same range as the mandocello and cello and is tuned one octave lower than the tenor banjo. Four-string banjos can be for choral accompaniment and single string tune playing. These can also be for duo style which is a mixture of the rhythm chords and single string tremolo and for chord melody style. Playing techniques The different playing techniques include plucking, picking, slap and pop, two-handed tapping, and fretting. How to play If you are still learning to play the guitar, it is best to use a fretted bass guitar because it is easier to accurately hit the notes. First, you need to put your fingers into practice. The tenor joint connects the bell and the boot which is at the bottom of the instrument. Fourth is the wing joint which is from boot to crook in length while fifth is the crook, a metal tube that joins the reed and wing joint. And last but certainly not the least is the reed. Bassoons today are commonly made of pearwood or maple such as sugar maple and sycamore maple. Although Jeff Britting who is an American composer has made a sonatina for it, the instrument did not catch the heat and became an enormously scarce instrument. It is described by The New Groove Dictionary of Musical Instruments as an instrument that sounds the same as a soprano sax yet less pleasant. The distinct characteristic of Chinese flutes is the membrane on one of the holes that vibrates with the air inside. This causes the flute to have an intense and bright sound. 3. Indian bamboo flute This instrument is significant in Indian classical music. Compared to western flutes, the Indian bamboo flute is simpler because they do not have any keys and are made of bamboo. 

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