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Musical Instruments-1

Its use is normally restricted to infrequent solos or as background music following other woodwinds because of its tendency to pierce through other orchestral sounds. Playing the piccolo It is much easier to play the piccolo if you learn to play the flute first given that both share the same qualities. Castanets were played to evoke or give out a Spanish aura in many works such as in Carmen by Georges Bizet and Espa a by Emmanual Chabrier. They were also included in the opera of Richard Strauss entitled Salome specifically in the Dance of the Seven Veils. It was given a solo by a few musicians such as Helmut Timpelan, a German composer, and Jos de Udaeta, a castanet maestro. It is said to be very similar to the saxophone especially in length and range but it also has its differences. Compared to the saxophone s, the cone-shaped bore of the octavin has a smaller taper. Construction It has a similar shape with the bassoon with two parallel divisions attached at the base. A bell made of metal is at the top of one division and the mouthpiece is fastened to the other division s top. Some say that the inventor was Jacob Denner while some claim that it was his father, Johann Christoph Denner. What does a clarinet need? Superior equipment is very important for the clarinet as it is for other instruments. The most important equipment of the clarinet is the mouthpiece. Of course, it is where air is blown into to produce music. The building methods from the Baroque period became the dominant construction for modern harpsichords. The harpsichord family There are various members of the large harpsichord family archicembalo, virginals, ottavino, clavicytherium, spinet, folding harpsichord, and the regular harpsichord. The archicembalo had a unique keyboard design and was for the tuning systems of the 16th century. The difference is that the strings of the lyre stem from a somewhat common area of the soundboard while the strings of the zither are spread across most of the soundboard. To understand this better, picture out the violin which is sometimes regarded as a fingerboard lyre compared to the piano which is a keyed zither. 

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