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Music Instruments Song for Children (27 Instruments)

Based on recorded history, bugles were used by officers in the cavalry to instruct soldiers when in battle. It was also mentioned in the bible when Moses was commanded by God to make two bugles of hammered silver . As stated, the very first proven use of the bugle as a signaling device in the military was as the halbmondblaser in Hanover. The embouchure could be adjusted to cover for these aspects. Oboe family The oboe family under the woodwind family is considerably large. The most popular brother of the oboe is the cor anglais, more commonly known as English horn, which has the tenor role in the family. This is a transposing instrument pitched in F. Compared to the saxophone s, the cone-shaped bore of the octavin has a smaller taper. Construction It has a similar shape with the bassoon with two parallel divisions attached at the base. A bell made of metal is at the top of one division and the mouthpiece is fastened to the other division s top. It is constructed with wood and the only metal section is the bell. Before 1730, clavichords were created small with four octaves and a length of approximately four feet but nowadays, these are made with a length of up to seven feet. Nowadays, clavichords are manufactured all over the world and have many buyers in the market. A few modern manufacturers are the British Peter Bavington, Swiss Thomas Steiner, American Charles Wolff, and Belgian Joris Potvlieghe. It creates vacuum and pressure which directs the air to the reeds for vibration that produces sound. Types of accordions There are four basic types of accordions diatonic accordions, chromatic accordions, concertinas, and piano accordions. Diatonic accordions are commonly played in dance and folk groups due to their huge sound productions, inexpensiveness, and light weight. The reed vibrates as the player blows which causes a wave through the bore. The length of the pipe is not the only factor that affects pitch because the breath pressure does too. This requires crumhorns to be at a fixed dynamic level when played and shortening notes implies crumhorn dynamics. The change in pitch of sound produced by the bagpipe while the player fills the bag is comparable to the variation in pitch caused by breathing changes. 

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