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The wood composition makes maintenance more difficult and playing in the outdoors is a risk, specifically in hot weather. Its use is normally restricted to infrequent solos or as background music following other woodwinds because of its tendency to pierce through other orchestral sounds. Playing the piccolo It is much easier to play the piccolo if you learn to play the flute first given that both share the same qualities. Its range only encompasses the fundamental sounds made by consecutive opening of the horizontal holes. There are larger but rarer types of the crumhorn that widens the range by one to two notes down through auxiliary holes. Possible origins and early use In Europe, the crumhorn was used in the 1300 s to the 1600 s. History The octavin was said to be invented by Julius Jehring around the time of 1890 but the patent rights belong to Hermann Jordan and Oskar Adler. Although Jeff Britting who is an American composer has made a sonatina for it, the instrument did not catch the heat and became an enormously scarce instrument. Saxophone The saxophone, more casually referred to as sax, is another member of the large woodwind family. It consists of a cone-shaped tube made of thin metal which is usually brass and at times plated with nickel, silver, or gold. It is played with a mouthpiece that is single-reed just like that of the clarinet. Some ancestors of the bugle are the Pless horn or Prince Pless horn, the bugle horn, and the post horn. Originally, bugles had a coil-shape alike with the French horn and were for communication in hunts and for announcements. Based on its use, it is considered to be like the horn of modern automobiles. This position allows the player s hands to move freely without holding the sitar s weight. The thumb is positioned on the fretboard s top while the string is being plucked using a mizraab or pick. The player frequently only uses the middle and index fingers to pluck but he also occasionally uses the ring finger. 

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