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Calling a guitar balances means that all of its notes have the same level of power. The guitar should not have too much midrange. The dynamic range is the ability of the guitar to easily switch from very loud to very soft. The cutting power is the capability of the guitar to be audible even when accompanying other instruments. History In the early fourteenth century, the clavichord was believed to be invented. It was well-known in the 16th to the 18th century and was most popular in Scandinavia, the Iberian Peninsula, and other lands which use the German language. By 1850, it has fallen out of its popularity and out of use. In the years that have passed, the bass guitar s design had many design changes. Here are a few classic bass guitars. The Hofner was played by Paul McCartney although not expensive or outstandingly made. The Fender Jazz started in 1960 with a slimmer shaped neck and two pickups while the Fender Precision was introduced in 1951 with a slab body and one pickup. Similar to other brass instruments, the vibrating lips of the player makes the air inside the trombone to vibrate and this produces sound. The instrument s name is derived from the Italian word tromba meaning trumpet and one which means large. Thus, it is literally named large trumpet. Both the trumpet and the trombone have generally cylindrical bores. On the other hand, the spinet has its strings set at a 30 degree angle from the keyboard. The folding harpsichord is the version of the harpsichord that is suitable for travel. The term harpsichord could mean any member of the harpsichord family but it particularly denotes an instrument that has the same shape as a grand piano with a triangular case. There are four known of this type and the first two were made by Gustav Benson with the idea from John Philip Sousa. Playing the tuba To assemble the tuba, position the mouthpiece in the tube with a gentle, twisting motion. Never pop or strike it into position. Remember to apply oil on the valves each day you play the tuba. 

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