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To have a smoother edge, the mouthpiece could also be lined with beeswax. Shapes of didgeridoos Didgeridoos do not have a standard or uniform size or shape. The tube s length and its almost conical shape affect the acoustic performance of every individual instrument. The didgeridoos that are in demand are those measuring from 1 meter to 1.6 meters. Banjo The banjo has a body similar to a tambourine with four or five strings. The strings cross above a pressure bridge and are attached to a tailpiece. These vibrate and also cause the stretched animal hide or plastic membrane to vibrate. Some believe that the name banjo came from the Portuguese word bandore or a Spanish word bandurria. In the 1980 s, the headless bass wad developed by Ned Steinberger and the Guild Guitar Corporation introduced the use of silicone rubber strings. Recently, bass guitar producers added digital modeling circuits in the instrument. Classic bass guitars Electric bass guitars has lasted for over 70 years and counting. Regrettably, it cannot be propped up by the hands of the player alone. A seat strap or a neck strap is required to play it to give additional support. It is played with the left hand above the right hand. There are 5 major finger holes at the front and one open-standing key. The little fingers handle five added keys at the front while the thumb manipulates no less than twelve keys at the back. You may mount the snare drum on the stand or carry it with a strap. The stand has an effect on the sound so don t attach the stand basket compactly against the drums hoops. This stops the shell and hoop from vibrating properly and controls the natural sound of the snare drum. Variations in construction In choosing snare drum, you should consider which musical genre you would like to play so that you would match this with the right construction. The clavichord is most beautiful when playing slow and expressive music. Fretted clavichords A fretted clavichord has pair of strings which could play more than one note. The tangent of at least two notes hit the strings at varied lengths from the bridge and also produces varied tones. Fretting generally gives limitations on the playing range because it is impossible to produce the sound of the fretted notes at one time. 

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