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Instruments - Picture Play

The pressing of buttons causes valves or pallets to open and lets air flow across the reeds which will vibrate. History The original accordion is thought to have been created by Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann in Berlin in 1822. But there is a newly discovered instrument that seems to have been invented by Friedrich Lohner in Bavaria, Germany in 1816. Parts of the bagpipe Bagpipes regularly consist of four parts a bag, a drone, an air supply, and a chanter. The supply of air comes from blowing into a blowstick or blowpipe. Blowpipes today usually have a non-return valve so that the player does not need to cover the edge of the blowpipe with his or her tongue when inhaling. He mentioned it in the diaries or records of his journey in the Gambra River of Africa in the 1620. Minstrels in Virginia used two banjo players in a show in 1843. This started the spread of banjo s popularity in the United States. In the early 19th century, the five-string banjo was invented by Joel Walker Sweeney. On the other hand, the spinet has its strings set at a 30 degree angle from the keyboard. The folding harpsichord is the version of the harpsichord that is suitable for travel. The term harpsichord could mean any member of the harpsichord family but it particularly denotes an instrument that has the same shape as a grand piano with a triangular case. Acoustic guitar qualities The acoustic guitar has eight basic qualities volume, balance, dynamic range, cutting power, tone, presence, sustain, and separation. Some guitars have a higher volume compared to others but it does not mean that these guitars produce better sound output. There are many other qualities to consider. The regular concert flute can play three octaves beginning from middle C which gives it one of the highest pitches in the orchestra besides the piccolo. 2. Chinese flute The Chinese flute, also referred to as di, have many varieties with diverse sizes, number of holes, intonations, and structures. The majority of di are made of bamboo. 

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