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Instrument Demonstration for Beginning Band

Its use is normally restricted to infrequent solos or as background music following other woodwinds because of its tendency to pierce through other orchestral sounds. Playing the piccolo It is much easier to play the piccolo if you learn to play the flute first given that both share the same qualities. The distinct characteristic of Chinese flutes is the membrane on one of the holes that vibrates with the air inside. This causes the flute to have an intense and bright sound. 3. Indian bamboo flute This instrument is significant in Indian classical music. Compared to western flutes, the Indian bamboo flute is simpler because they do not have any keys and are made of bamboo. From this, two curved arms are projected upwards and are attached at the top by a yoke or crossbar. The body has another crossbar which transfers the strings vibrations. The strings all have the same length so variation in pitch is either accomplished by different sting thickness or by different sting tensions. Draw the major tuning slide out to make the tuba longer and thus lower the pitch. Push the major tuning slide in to make the pitch higher. Removing the mouthpiece by force could destroy the braces of the tuba. Thus, do not try to dismantle the mouthpiece yourself if it gets jammed while playing. There is a special tool designed to remove the mouthpiece safely. For hundreds of years, its predecessors, the Persian lutes, were used in the Mogul courts. It is stated by the Sangeet Sudarshana that the sitar was invented by Amir Khusru in the 1700 s. The Persian setar was his basis for naming this instrument. There are a lot of theories about the origin of the sitar. It has been used to play the character of a duck in Peter and the Wolf of Sergei Prokofiev. Based on research, the oboe, clarinet, and flute are viewed as instruments that are on the feminine side. In contrast to that, it has been observed though not proven that boys prefer the sound of the bassoon, oboe, and English horn than of others . 

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