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INSANE Self Playing Musical Instruments And Robots Playing Instruments Videos [AMAZING]

The reed is also very important because it is the part that vibrates and causes the production of sound. The clarinet itself comes in fourth. Construction of clarinets The clarinet is a closed cylindrical air passage which has an opening in the shape of a bell at one end. It has mouthpiece with a single reed which is made of cane. When castanets are played with a couple, they symbolize male and female and every set has a particular male or female given name. The female castanet is called hembra and is smaller than the male counterpart named macho. The macho is held in the left hand while the hembra is held in the right. The pair s difference in size also gives a difference in pitch. The virginals is a simpler and smaller harpsichord with only a string for every note while the ottavino are similar to virginals but are at four foot pitch. It is sometimes referred to as double virginals. The clavicytherium has its strings and soundboard placed perpendicularly in front of the player just like the upright piano. That can be seen through the reed that covers the edge of the resonating tube and through the cylindrical bore. The reed vibrates as the player blows which causes a wave through the bore. The length of the pipe is not the only factor that affects pitch because the breath pressure does too. This requires crumhorns to be at a fixed dynamic level when played and shortening notes implies crumhorn dynamics. The sound volume increases greatly compared to the primary volume created by the strings. Some sound is then projected out of the hole. Acoustic guitar qualities The acoustic guitar has eight basic qualities volume, balance, dynamic range, cutting power, tone, presence, sustain, and separation. Some guitars have a higher volume compared to others but it does not mean that these guitars produce better sound output. Flute Construction Modern flutes are often around twenty-six inches long and 0.75 inches wide. There are two open ends which makes it an open cylinder. It has sixteen openings eleven are closed by seven fingers, one is closed by the left thumb, and four can be opened or blocked by arranged keys. Flute Categories The flute player blows directly across from the edge of the mouthpiece for most flutes. 

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