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Saxophones are expected to have a lacquer finish which means that it appears to be polished brass. Some are made in silver which gives it a sound that is brighter. Saxophone maintenance The usual sax consists of brass and leather. This indicates that it requires extreme care because brass can easily be dented and leather deteriorates fast if in the wrong environment. The sound volume increases greatly compared to the primary volume created by the strings. Some sound is then projected out of the hole. Acoustic guitar qualities The acoustic guitar has eight basic qualities volume, balance, dynamic range, cutting power, tone, presence, sustain, and separation. Some guitars have a higher volume compared to others but it does not mean that these guitars produce better sound output. Of course, it is where air is blown into to produce music. Aside from that, it contains and controls the reed. Although they may have the same raw materials and the same method of manufacture, no two mouthpieces are alike so choosing the mouthpiece is very crucial. Second is the state of the clarinet and third is the reed. Fourth is the wing joint which is from boot to crook in length while fifth is the crook, a metal tube that joins the reed and wing joint. And last but certainly not the least is the reed. Bassoons today are commonly made of pearwood or maple such as sugar maple and sycamore maple. If you prefer less expensive ones, you can also have those that are made of ebonite or polypropylene which are usually for the outdoors and beginner s use. Thus, do not try to dismantle the mouthpiece yourself if it gets jammed while playing. There is a special tool designed to remove the mouthpiece safely. Maintenance Maintenance of the instrument is very important in preserving its integrity and quality of acoustic performance. Rinse the mouthpiece with a mouthpiece brush and lukewarm water every week and don t forget to bathe the instrument every month. The casing is the overall wooden body that covers the instrument and the keyboard consists of the keys which plucks the strings when pressed. Differentiating the harpsichord from the piano Unlike the piano, the notes in the harpsichord should be played one by one which makes it an instrument subtler than the piano. 

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