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Hang Massive - Once Again - 2011 ( hang drum duo ) ( HD )

However, this theory has no historical basis because there was no evidence of the existence of the sitar before the fall of the Moghul Empire. Another theory is that the ancient veenas like the rudra vina were the parents of the sitar. The rudra vina is clearly a stick zither which is in contrast with the sitar which is a lute. The bellows gives the main method of articulation and is the most dominant component of the accordion. It creates vacuum and pressure which directs the air to the reeds for vibration that produces sound. Types of accordions There are four basic types of accordions diatonic accordions, chromatic accordions, concertinas, and piano accordions. It was hard for the people to find a tuba that was accurately constructed. This made the tuba much less famous in its young stages. Types of tubas The tuba with the lowest pitch is the contrabass tuba which is pitch in B flat or C. Another type of tuba is the bass tuba that is smaller compared to the contrabass and pitched in E flat or F. Different playing styles A few guitar styles aside from the regular guitar playing are bluegrass playing, blues, jazz, big band, lap style, flamenco, and classical playing. A guitar style has a suitable type of guitar. Smaller guitars made of mahogany are very good for blues while nylon string guitars made with rosewood are for classical playing. The instrument has a naturally sharp sound that gives a good effect in the modern ensemble. The tone which is from nasal humming to rich buzzing depends on the way their reeds are voiced. Structure Crumhorns are made of wood which was hollowed, packed with sand, and closed. The bottom is steamed to become soft and bent to form a J shape. He created a bowl-shaped head connected to a cylindrical center with large finger holes and open-standing keys. Minor developments have been made after that. Flute Construction Modern flutes are often around twenty-six inches long and 0.75 inches wide. There are two open ends which makes it an open cylinder. 

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