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DIY Musical Instruments: DIY Harmonica and DIY Xylophone | GoldieBlox

They were also often used for dances about unpleasant ideas such as nightmares or demons. It was also mentioned in the Lully s ballet Flore in 1669 that castanets were also used for African Dances. Castanets were played to evoke or give out a Spanish aura in many works such as in Carmen by Georges Bizet and Espa a by Emmanual Chabrier. The bag is a reservoir which holds air and regulates airflow while pumping or breathing take place. This helps the player to uphold constant sound for a moment. Skins of goats, cows, sheep or other local animals are used for the bag s material. The chanter produces the melody of the bagpipe. It is frequently open-ended which gives the player no easy way to end the pipe s sound. A lot of banjo players prefers to use titanium or model railroad spikes to keep the string pushed down on the fret. Modern Banjo There many variations of the modern banjo. Increasing its popularity is the six-string banjo which is played like a guitar. The modern banjo s body, sometimes referred to as pot, has a metal ring, circular wooden rim, and a stretched head. Basics of playing Here are the basics of playing the bassoon. It is diagonally held in front. Regrettably, it cannot be propped up by the hands of the player alone. A seat strap or a neck strap is required to play it to give additional support. It is played with the left hand above the right hand. There are 5 major finger holes at the front and one open-standing key. The difference is that bugles have a wider conical bore and makes a large sound fit for the outdoors. Introduction to the military It was first used as a military signaling agent on the 1750 s. The Hanoverian light infantry or J ger battalions utilized a half-circle copper horn with a flaring bore which was used by the leader called the Fl gelmeiste. It is a reedless wind instrument, otherwise known as an aerophone, which creates sound from the flow of air from an opening. Flutes are often made of wood in Europe while silver is the main flute construction material in the United States. Theobald Boehm invented the modern flute. He created a bowl-shaped head connected to a cylindrical center with large finger holes and open-standing keys. 

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