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This accordion only had a keyboard operated by the left hand and the right hand only handles the bellows. The piano accordion which is widely used in Europe is said to be invented in 1822. Its popularity spread to Great Britain in 1831 and was renowned in The Times. The flutina by Jeune and concertina by Wheatstone are similar to each other in tone and construction but these seem to match the accordion invented by Demian. Acoustic guitar qualities The acoustic guitar has eight basic qualities volume, balance, dynamic range, cutting power, tone, presence, sustain, and separation. Some guitars have a higher volume compared to others but it does not mean that these guitars produce better sound output. There are many other qualities to consider. When castanets are played with a couple, they symbolize male and female and every set has a particular male or female given name. The female castanet is called hembra and is smaller than the male counterpart named macho. The macho is held in the left hand while the hembra is held in the right. The pair s difference in size also gives a difference in pitch. The neck is the tube that holds the mouthpiece through a layer of cork. The other end of the neck is attached to the body of the saxophone. Saxophones are expected to have a lacquer finish which means that it appears to be polished brass. Some are made in silver which gives it a sound that is brighter. Nowadays, it is played in opera, symphony orchestra, and in contemporary musicals. Structure There are six major pieces of the bassoon. The bell extends upward. The tenor joint connects the bell and the boot which is at the bottom of the instrument. Fourth is the wing joint which is from boot to crook in length while fifth is the crook, a metal tube that joins the reed and wing joint. Fretted clavichords A fretted clavichord has pair of strings which could play more than one note. The tangent of at least two notes hit the strings at varied lengths from the bridge and also produces varied tones. Fretting generally gives limitations on the playing range because it is impossible to produce the sound of the fretted notes at one time. 

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