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He mentioned it in the diaries or records of his journey in the Gambra River of Africa in the 1620. Minstrels in Virginia used two banjo players in a show in 1843. This started the spread of banjo s popularity in the United States. In the early 19th century, the five-string banjo was invented by Joel Walker Sweeney. The harpsichord was overshadowed by the piano in the 18th to 19th century. It was revived in the 20th century using metal frames and heavy strings likened to piano mechanisms. The building methods from the Baroque period became the dominant construction for modern harpsichords. The harpsichord family There are various members of the large harpsichord family archicembalo, virginals, ottavino, clavicytherium, spinet, folding harpsichord, and the regular harpsichord. Many consider the snare drum to be one of the most significant drums included in the drum set. History The snare drum is a descendant of the Tabor, a medieval drum with one gut snare stretched at the bottom. Its first use was in war and it was frequently accompanied by a pipe or fife. The snare drum became larger and cylindrical in the 15th century. Nowadays, trombones are played in symphony orchestras, military bands, big bands, and brass bans. Aside from those, the trombone is also played in smaller musical ensembles such as brass quartets or trios and trombone quartets or choirs. These instruments are also commonly used for different music genres such as salsa, rock, swing, and jazz. Playing techniques The different playing techniques include plucking, picking, slap and pop, two-handed tapping, and fretting. How to play If you are still learning to play the guitar, it is best to use a fretted bass guitar because it is easier to accurately hit the notes. First, you need to put your fingers into practice. Bugles in the 19th century Modifications on the standard bugle in the 19th century included valved bugles and keyed bugles. It was in England in the early 1800 s that the keyed bugles were invented with the copyright for the Royal Kent bugle by Joseph Halliday. It was very popular until the 1850 s and was played in compositions by a bandmaster of West Point s the United States Military Academy Band, Richard Willis. 

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