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BabyTV Louie's world musical instruments english

The flutina by Jeune and concertina by Wheatstone are similar to each other in tone and construction but these seem to match the accordion invented by Demian. When you put together these two instruments, it would resemble the diatonic button accordions which are still made in modern times. As time has passed, many keyboard and buttonboard systems were developed. There are a lot more specific ways to care for your sax but just make sure you store, clean, and play it properly and with care. Common uses The very first popular use of the sax was in military bands. Recently, it was used in big band and concert band music. Even more recent was its participation in symphony orchestra where it drastically boosted its popularity. As stated, piccolos produce notes an octave higher than the flute and it music is written one octave below its pitch. It would also be better to practice with an electric tuner. Observe how long you can be consistent with the rhythm and can hold the note steady. Of course, always tune before playing and practice a lot of times. Maintenance Maintenance of the instrument is very important in preserving its integrity and quality of acoustic performance. Rinse the mouthpiece with a mouthpiece brush and lukewarm water every week and don t forget to bathe the instrument every month. Disassemble the slides and valves and scrub through the instrument using valve brushes and snake brushes with warm water and soap. Voice of the oboe Compared to other contemporary woodwind musical instrument, this instrument has a lucid and piercing voice. It is described as stately and majestical by an instruction book entitle The Sprightly Companion. The timbre comes from the conical bore which is in contrast to the cylindrical bore of clarinets and flutes. The comb material is said to have a slight influence on the harp s tone but the main lead of the comb material is durability. Traditional harmonicas were made of wood while modern versions of the instrument are made of plastic or metal. The reed plate is the collective name for reeds in one panel. Reeds could be made of steel, brass, plastic, or aluminum. 

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