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It has at least two parts and has a sliding joint or bridle which manipulates the pitch. Construction A constant air supply is provided by the bagpipe s construction. The air flow could be maintained in the chanter and drone pipes through using the left hand to squeeze the bag during breathing periods. Nowadays, it is played in opera, symphony orchestra, and in contemporary musicals. Structure There are six major pieces of the bassoon. The bell extends upward. The tenor joint connects the bell and the boot which is at the bottom of the instrument. Fourth is the wing joint which is from boot to crook in length while fifth is the crook, a metal tube that joins the reed and wing joint. The left hand controls the 10 holes on the top joint while the right hand is used for the also 10 holes on the bottom joint. Covered with keys are two holes in the bell section. Some craftsmen still manufacture hand made oboes. The double reed is made of cane which is dried and aged from the south of France or Spain s east coast. Then, think about putting a cylinder with a mouthpiece of a regular clarinet at the top on one section and for the other section, imagine placing the alto-clarinet bell. That is how an octavin would roughly look like. A change to the octavin During the young twentieth century, it would seem that the odd shape of the octavin has caught the negative attention of a few instrument designers. It includes the air chambers where the reeds are found. The comb material is said to have a slight influence on the harp s tone but the main lead of the comb material is durability. Traditional harmonicas were made of wood while modern versions of the instrument are made of plastic or metal. The reed plate is the collective name for reeds in one panel. The bellows gives the main method of articulation and is the most dominant component of the accordion. It creates vacuum and pressure which directs the air to the reeds for vibration that produces sound. Types of accordions There are four basic types of accordions diatonic accordions, chromatic accordions, concertinas, and piano accordions. 

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